defending federal drug cases

Defending Federal Drug Cases Requires a Highly Trained Federal Drug Defense Attorney

At Robinson Law, our main goal is to get the best possible outcome for you, whether that’s dismissed charges, acquittal, a plea deal to a lesser offense, or the minimums possible under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Your case may seem hopeless, but a knowledgeable and skilled federal criminal defense attorney can build a strong defense in even the most impossible case.

Robinson Law is an expert in defending federal drug cases and will challenge unlawful search and seizure, evidence tampering, bad crime lab analysis, entrapment, flawed testimony, and much more.

When Do You Need A Federal Drug Attorney?

Federal charges apply to activities that cross state lines, occur on federal land, or involve trafficking significant quantities of a controlled substance.

Jurisdictions overlap and sometimes you may be in violation of both state and federal law.